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Windows BarCoder

Release 4.23 - November 2012

Micro QR Code added
8-digit PZN Code added
Improved font handling
Variable gap between bars and text below
Problem when ISSN check character is 'X' - fixed
New way of saving barcode data
New ISBN country codes added

Release 4.22

Text Display option added to all 2-d barcode types
Separator Pattern in GS1-128 corrected
Bug with large Byte Mode QR Codes - fixed

Release 4.21

Triangle sentinels added to Pharma Code
Quick Response renamed QR Code

Release 4.20

Problems with Watch fixed
Swatch handling improved
Colour management improved

Release 4.19

New ISBN country codes added

Release 4.18

Option for non-standard composite input
Data length for GS1-DataMatrix increased to 255 characters
Option to display lead digit for MS7
DataBar Expanded guard bars fixed

Release 4.17

2-d barcodes changed to smooth out the boxes
Option for non-standard composite input

Release 4.16

Option to put issue below addon bars in ISSN
MSI offers checksum verify and hide options
Problem with coloured bars in Binary and 2d Pharma - now fixed
Kurandt length increased and coloured bars option added
GS1 DataBar Expanded - variable length fields now have FNC1 character added correctly

Release 4.15

New ISBN country codes added.
Import works with blank lines
Problem with capital letters in Watch file fixed
Problem with Application Identifiers beginning 25 fixed

Release 4.14

The barcode preview was not compatible with some Adobe applications. This has now been fixed.
It is no longer possible to select a read-only folder for your preferences data.
ISBN text justification has been made more precise.
Watch mode improved.
QR Code output has been made smoother.
The algorithm for producing DataMatrix has been made more efficient.
IUID barcode type has been added.
Input data for ISSN or ISMN can now include hyphenation.

Release 4.13

New ISBN country codes added.
There was a problem with the checksum calculation for some GS1 AI's. It is now fixed.

Release 4.12

Added GS1 Coupon barcode type
Digits only option for displaying an ISBN number.
AI's 8110 and 7003 added
Five digit addons included for ISSN barcodes

Release 4.11

Added UPC Coupon barcode type.
You can now enter hyphens when creating an ISBN number.
The program now allows punctuated DataBar 14 and Limited data, plus a leading letter.
There was a problem with saving a zero length MSI barcode. It is now fixed.
Watch folder facility added.

Release 4.10

New ISBN country codes added.
Changed RSS to GS1 Databar.
Added QuickResponse Codes.
SISAC barcodes for periodical publishing added.
AI 254 added and AI 8008 fixed for EAN 128 barcodes.