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Macintosh BarCoder

Release 4.44 - September 2012

Micro QR Code added
8-digit PZN Code added
Template handling changed significantly
Bug with large Byte Mode QR Codes - fixed
Problems when background is darker than foreground - fixed
New ISBN country codes added

Release 4.43

Text Display option added to all 2-d barcode types
Separator Pattern in GS1-128 corrected
Extra characters encoded in DataMatrix - fixed
Swap-over of Magenta and Yellow colour components - fixed
Personalise QR finders and cells
Problem with UPC-A checksum not being added - fixed
ASCII extended character set properly masked out

Release 4.42

Watch not recognising some barcode types - fixed

Release 4.41

2-d barcodes changed to smooth out the boxes
Option for non-standard composite input
Option to have Triangles for Sentinels in Pharma Code
Personalise QR finders and cells
Non-justified text revised so that it doesn't go off-screen
Data length for GS1-DataMatrix increased to 255 characters
Option to display lead digit for MS7
DataBar Expanded guard bars fixed
EAN13 data input/display options added - can have spaces and hyphens

Release 4.40

Option to put issue below addon bars in ISSN

Release 4.39

New ISBN country codes added
Two Track Pharma Code added
Problem with different CMYK coloured bars fixed
MSI offers checksum verify and hide options
UCC 128 variable length fields did not display final character if max length - now fixed
Problem with coloured bars in Binary and 2d Pharma - now fixed
Kurandt length increased and coloured bars option added
GS1 DataBar Expanded - variable length fields now have FNC1 character added correctly
PostNet width fixed (previously 1% too narrow)
ISBN (EAN) - option to have 13-digit ISBN display from 10-digit input
Extra text max field length fixed
Watch problem with unrecognised barcode type - fixed
UPC Shipping renamed UPC Shipping (SCC-14)

Release 4.38

Changes to the way barcode data is stored

Release 4.37

New ISBN country codes added.
Five lines of extra text allowed
Extra text can be above and below the bars
Import works with blank lines
Problem with capital letters in Watch file fixed
Problem with Application Identifiers beginning 25 fixed

Release 4.36

New ISBN country codes added.
QR Code output has been made smoother.
The algorithm for producing DataMatrix has been made more efficient.
IUID barcode type has been added.
Input data for ISSN or ISMN can now include hyphenation.
The surrounding box has been tidied up, especially for ITF-14.
The barcode window is always shown when the dialogue is selected.

Release 4.35

Using Create Sequence or Import for large numbers of TIFF barcodes caused memory problems. This is now fixed.
There was a problem with the checksum calculation for some GS1 AI's. It is now fixed.
The default file name can now be just the barcode data.

Release 4.34

New ISBN country codes added.
There was a problem with light margin indicators in EPSF file data. It is now fixed.

Release 4.33

Added GS1 Coupon barcode type

Release 4.32

Digits only option for displaying an ISBN number.
AI's 8110 and 7003 added
Five digit addons included for ISSN barcodes
There was a problem with brackets in EPSF file data. It is now fixed.

Release 4.31

Added UPC Coupon barcode type.
You can now enter hyphens when creating an ISBN number.
Drag saving enabled. You can drag the barcode from the Barcode Window to the Finder and a barcode file will be created. It will be in the format you have specified in Preferences.
The program now allows punctuated DataBar 14 and Limited data, plus a leading letter.
There was a problem with saving a zero length MSI barcode. It is now fixed.

Release 4.30

Brought BRC files back.
Added barcode templates. You can now create various styles for each barcode type and apply them. Custom, which has been replaced, only allowed you one style per barcode type.
Some EPSFs would have a problem with CS3, now fixed.
The justification of the ISBN number on the top of the barcode wouldn't be exact with some fonts, now fixed.

Release 4.29

Changed RSS to GS1 Databar.

Release 4.28

Added QuickResponse Codes.

Release 4.27

New ISBN country codes added.
SISAC barcodes for periodical publishing added.
A problem with CS3 reading of TIFF images is fixed.

Release 4.26

AI 254 added and AI 8008 fixed for EAN 128 barcodes.
Watch folder facility added.

Release 4.25

TSO ISBN added.

Release 4.24

The Universal Binary version of the program is now available, it will only work on OS X 10.4 and later, for other versions of OS X please download the PowerPC version.

Release 4.23

Preferences were changed to being saved in the /<user>/Library/Preferences folder. The file is called com.agamik.BarCoderApp.plist. It can be edited with the Property List Editor application. The other preferences, ie Swatches and Custom barcodes are still saved in the Agamik/BarCoder folder in the user's Library/Preferences folder.
Mac and Windows versions can open each others' EPS files.

Release 4.22

Bold text output fixed for EPS files.

Release 4.21

Intel based Macs wouldn't create a TIFF file. It is now fixed.

Release 4.20

Bold text output fixed for EPS files.
Mac and Windows versions can open each others' EPS files.

Release 4.19

Adobe Illustrator output fixed for justified text.

Release 4.18

New ISMN display added.
Compact data display changed for ITF and Code 39 barcodes.
H markers fixed for ITF with addon.

Release 4.17

ISBN number centred correctly above bars.
Option to centre UPC-A text below bars.
H markers fixed for ITF barcodes.

Release 4.16

Option added to extend check bar into margins for EAN barcodes.

Release 4.15

AI's 24x and 25x fixed for EAN128 barcodes.
Dimensions fixed for Four State.

Release 4.14

Some browsers do not recognise the .sitx suffix of the downloadable file type. We have changed it back to .sit
There were a few occasions when the EPSF text was upside down - fixed.

Release 4.13

ISBN (EAN) now, optionally, displays 13 digit ISBN number above the bars.

Release 4.12

Added Samsung PDF 417 with Hex input.

Release 4.11

When restoring a custom setting for an ISBN barcode the ISBN font wasn't being restored - fixed.

Release 4.10

The barcode now saves the device compensation.
Opening a file from Illustrator CS displayed an error, though placing the same barcode worked - fixed.
The ISBN font would default to Gung Seo - fixed.
New did no more than clear the default file name. It now resets the barcode to the default values.


Release 4.09

There has been a conflict with BarCoder and fonts. It has very occasionally resulted in the top half of the screen being blank. This is now fixed.

Release 4.08

We have added:
    Hex input types PDF 417 and Micro PDF 417.
The checksum was occasionally wrong for RSS Limited. This is now fixed.
AI 253 added for EAN-128.


Release 4.07

We have added:
    Extra text for all barcodes.
    Importing from a text file.